Zubrowka Vodka 70cl / 40% Vol.

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Produced with bison grass extracts and with a real blade of grass inside the bottle, Zubrowka stands out as the most sold and well-known distilled spirits in Poland.

“Zubr” means bison in Polish and is the most important feature of this unique vodka.

The rare bison grass is handpicked by local families and carefully dried between wood boards at 25° C. To create the unmistakable taste, the vodka is distilled six times with rye using the purest water drawn from a depth of 60 metres and then mixed with the bison grass extract.

Signature drink: Apple Zu

  • Ice cubes, 4 cl Zubrowka, fill with unfiltered apple juice
  • Nose: fine bison grass and a hint of vanilla, spring blossoms
  • Taste: fresh hints of herbs, lavender, jasmine tea, citrus fruit reveal a waft of tobacco.
  • Finish: aromatic and smooth

Available in 70 cl bottles.