Xellent Swiss Vodka 70cl / 40% Vol.

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For many years now, the Russians and the Poles have been arguing about who was the first to distil vodka. One thing is certain, however it wasn't the Swiss. Although the typical expressions relating to vodka, such as cleanliness, clarity and purity, are an excellent fit for our country.

But would a Swiss vodka have any chance at all with the public? The question seems not entirely unwarranted, if you take into account that around 3,000 vodkas are currently battling for market share.

Yes, we think it does have a chance. If it is different from all the others. For XELLENT Swiss Vodka, this means: production from 100% Swiss raw materials, the use of rye and glacier water that has been filtered in the Titlis region over many years, no compromises on quality, an individual taste and an independent, distinctive design.

No less than 5 years stood between the idea of a Swiss Vodka and the launch of XELLENT Swiss Vodka. As early as the beginning of the year 1998, we started to examine the procurement of raw materials and the necessary technology. The distillation of this product was only made possible, however, by the liberalisation of the market in 1999. We have now followed our chosen path to its end, with a great deal of enthusiasm and idealism. Anyone who has tasted a glass of XELLENT Swiss Vodka will know whether the effort was worth it or not.


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Fr.41.50  shipping excluded