Willi's Party-Pack Likör 6x2cl / 18.66% Vol.

Fr.7.00  shipping excluded
Willi’s 2 cl Miniatures

The practical 6-pack with 2 cl bottles comes with a collection of the existing taste choices “Willi Süss” (sweet) and “Willi Sauer” (sour) as well as our new release “Willi Feige” (fig). At 2 cl, the content of the miniatures is the perfect size and the 6-pack offers 2 of each of all aromas in one package:
  • Willi Süss tastes like fresh apples
  • Willi Sauer tastes like green apples and is really quite sour
  • Willi Feige has the pleasing fruity-sweet aroma of figs