Sierra Tequila Café Likör 70cl / 25% Vol.

Fr.27.00  shipping excluded
Sierra Café is the new, innovative tequila-based liqueur under the Sierra brand.

The foundation is Sierra Tequila, which has had one success after another in past years as the European market leader. Blue Agave from highland, volcanic soil, double distillation in copper caldrons, Mexican sun and the expertise of three family generations are the ingredients and methods for this spectacular Sierra Tequila Blanco. Wedded with 100% Mexican highland coffee, the unique Sierra Café liqueur results.

With its name, Sierra Café stands for the new coffee culture with the full-bodied flavours of Mexican coffee. The coffee liqueur brings together the fruitiness of Sierra Tequila with naturally roasted coffee aromas and the fresh taste of tropical fruits. Both pure, with fresh milk as well as mixed, Sierra Café offers a new taste experience, which will inspire connoisseurs of the fruity Sierra Tequila Silver as well as aromatic coffee enthusiasts.