Calvados from Normandy and pure vodka from Switzerland

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XELLENT Swiss Vodka is made from 100% Swiss raw materials – including local rye and glacier water from the Titlis region.

No compromise on quality! With its unique flavour and inventive, unmistakable bottle design, this high-quality beverage can be described as substantial, modern and red. You can either order this excellent Swiss vodka online or purchase it at our shop in Willisau. The XELLENT Swiss Edelweiss Gin, made from select ingredients, is also well worth trying.

Made from the finest fruit, this range of sophisticated spirits, including Château du Breuil Calvados, Château du Breuil Vieille Prune and Coeur du Breuil La Vieille Poire, comes from Normandy. We also offer classy Glenfarclas Single Malt and Highland Malt Scotch whiskeys online, as well as a range of grappas in different flavours, from Brunello and Chardonnay to Prosecco, Moscato and Barbera Barrique.
Our Isola Verde selection of delicious liqueurs includes Sambuca, Amaretto, Cumino Kümmel, Maraschino and Mocca Ristretto. We also provide tips on how to enjoy your drinks at the optimum temperature as well as dessert suggestions, including  aperitif recipes such as the Isola Verde Aperitivo Sprizz.