Paloma Lemonade 24x25cl

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Lemonade makes the world more colourful, happier and funnier. Only natural ingredients with a fruit content of 12.5% find their way into the can as it should be for real lemonade.

Grapefruit juice, lime juice, organic agave syrup and a pinch of sea salt lend it its wonderfully fruity and refreshing taste.

With these characteristics, Paloma Lemonade is ready to play a second product role: Of course, straight on ice as a trendy, refreshing drink, and, thanks to the harmonious combination of agave syrup and a pinch of sea salt, as a perfect filler for the Sierra Paloma Margarita.

Paloma is the first easy to mix lemonade, which can be used to easily and quickly prepare the popular Paloma Margarita: 4cl Tequila, fill with Paloma.

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