Paesanella Grappa 3er-Gestell gefüllt 3x50cl / 41% Vol.

Fr.87.50  shipping excluded
Das Paesanella Grappa Gestell ist mit folgenden Grappas gefüllt:

Grappa Barbera 50 cl / 41 % Vol.

This is a Monovitigno made from selected Barbera grapes from the Barbera d'Alba region. Grappa Barbera Barrique stands out through its intensive and pleasant vanilla and fruit notes, through its soft taste, while remaining both full-bodied and complex.

Grappa Moscato 50 cl / 41 % Vol.

Moscato is a grape variety that is typical of Piemont, and its wine is symbol of joy, fun and festive moments. The grappa is extremely aromatic, delicate and graceful. In addition to the typical Moscato notes, it is above all the nuances of fresh flowers that are in evidence.

Grappa Brunello 50 cl / 41 % Vol.

Brunello originates from Tuscany, the cradle of Italian history, and enjoys a marvellous reputation worldwide. A dry, full-bodied and balanced grappa is obtained from the marc of this famous wine that arouses the mist pleasant taste sensations: ripe, red fruit, unterlaid with delicate floral notes.