Marca Negra Mezcal Ensamble 70cl / 43.9% Vol.

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Marca Negra is a multifaceted, ultra-premium mezcal range that is manufactured using traditional methods. Each sort has its own character and reflects the corresponding region, agave type and the craft of the «maestro mezcalero» (master distiller).

An important part of the MarcaNegra philosophy is to support the respective region where the mezcal originates on a long-term basis. It is thus essential that all those who drink and enjoy MarcaNegra are aware of the importance of a mezcal in the corresponding region.

The black handprint on the bottle is a homage to the traditions of the maestro mezcalero and their tireless work in creating the individual mezcal.

Origin of the agave:

La Noria Ejutla, Oaxaca; field cultivation / growing wild

Tasting notes:

The mouthfeel of this sort is characterised by its herbal elements. Notes of bonsai resin are dominant here, accompanied by grapefruit, fennel and aniseed.

Ripe banana, coconut, medlar and Mexican hawthorn with subtle cocoa and peanut notes give way to a smooth finish.

A creation by maestro mezcalero:

Basilio Pacheco