Jägermeister 60x2cl / 35% Vol.

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Available in 2cl portions.

56 herbs, flowers, roots and fruits from various countries around the world are used for the production of the basic ingredients for Jägermeister: cinnamon bark from Ceylon, bitter orange peel from Australia, red sandalwood from the East Indies, ginger roots from South Asia ... and, of course, some secret herbs.

The substances are weighed out according to a secret recipe, are ground to different strengths and are mixed together. These mixtures are macerated in large containers, i.e. the herbs are placed in an alcohol-water mixture of 70% alcohol by volume. The active ingredients are thereby drawn from the herbs and the liquid takes on their flavours. This process takes about one week. The maceration procedure is repeated a number of times, with the whole process lasting approximately five weeks. The raw Jägermeister is mixed from all the run-off gained in the maceration process, is filtered and is then stored in oak barrels. After being stored for one year, the raw Jägermeister mixed with alcohol, sugar solution, caramel and softened water to produce the end product.