Isola Verde Likör Sambuca 70cl / 40% Vol.

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These fine, typically Italian liqueurs shine through their fresh, clear and elegant appearance. The palate ranges from Sambuca to Amaretto and Cumino. The range of use is equally versatile: neat as a shot, in hot or cold drinks or to refine desserts or sweets.
Sambuca is a colourless, clear liqueur with an alcohol content of 40% and flavoured with anise, star anise and other spices.

The name Sambuca does not come from the Italian word sambuco for elder, which it does not contain, but rather from the Saracen ships named sambuco, which introduced spices from the Orient to Italy.

Sambuca is usually enjoyed as a digèstif, often con la mosca (with the flies), in other words with several – usually three – coffee beans. The beans are chewed while drinking and contrast the sweetness of the liqueur with their bitter taste. Primarily outside Italy, it is normal to flambé Sambuca when serving it.