Hugo Ice 4x27.5cl / 4.6% Vol.

Fr.9.00  shipping excluded

Make the summer crisp and refreshing with HUGO ICE – ready to drink. Trendy, cool and unmistakable, 4.6% vol. HUGO ICE comes in a 27.5cl bottle and appeals to men as well as women.

Mixing was yesterday, today is all about enjoyment and HUGO ICE already has the right ingredients - wine from Italy, fine elderflower syrup, fresh mint leaves and a tingling dash of lime juice. Just chill the bottle and HUGO ICE is ready to drink.

At a relaxed BBQ, as a delicious aperitif on a sunny terrace or at a hot party night in the hippest club – HUGO ICE is always the perfect drink, served ice-cold for refreshment and sparkling moments.