Selected by Paesanella Grappa Barolo Riserva 70cl / 43% Vol.

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Selected by Paesanella presents a unique Grappa Barolo Riserva in a limited edition of only 7,000 bottles. This grappa is something very special, and is aimed at the friends, lovers and connoisseurs of Grappa Paesanella, who have appreciated our products over many years.

The Grappa Barolo Riserva is characterised by a soft, slightly vanilla-flavoured bouquet reminiscent of dried fruit and fine spices. It is a smooth, full-bodied grappa with a great character and a perfect balance. The finish is as soft and harmonic as no other. All in all, Selected by Paesanella Grappa Barolo Riserva is a quality product, full-bodied and complex.

Grappa Barolo Riserva originates from the Distilleria Santa Teresa dei f.lli Marolo in Alba, in the Piedmont region. Using his nose, hands and palate, Paolo Marolo has created this original and uniquely fine variation of a Grappa Barolo. Fresh marc from the finest vineyards is used for the distillate. The traditional distillery deliberately avoids large quantities, because priority is placed on the quality and the desire to optimally capture the different characteristics of the raw materials. Every phase of the distillation is monitored. Traditional and craft techniques have to be combined with modern equipment. Only in this way can marc be converted into an outstanding, unique product.

During the maturation period, the Selected by Paesanella Grappa Barolo Riserva is refined for five years in Sherry Barrique barrels. The roasted oak barrels give the grappa its fine, amber colour and the very special aroma.