Escape7 Rum Likör Mamajuana 70cl / 28% Vol.

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Escape 7 Mamajuana is a soft, full-bodied rum liqueur with 28% vol, produced according to an original recipe.
The base is a premium blend of rum varieties that have been stored in barrels for several years. The refinement with honey and natural aromas gives Escape7 Mamajuana its unmistakeable taste and a pleasant sweetness. Mamajuana tastes of roots, herbs and rum and is enhanced by a soft woody flavour with a touch of eucalyptus.

Mamajuana is best drunk neat – as a digestif or as a shot. Consumption at room temperature is particu-larly recommended, as the delicate herb and wood aromas come into their own. Mamajuana tastes very good mixed as Mojito. It is also used in hot drinks such as coffee or tea.

The origin
Mamajuana is a rum liqueur from the Dominican Republic and is regarded as the national drink on the island of Hispaniola. The history of Mamajuana began on this Caribbean island. The native Indians, the Tainos, already ex-perimented with this drink in the year 1000. At that time however the herb mixture was brewed as tea. Only later with the discovery of the island by the Spanish were the essences dissolved in rum.
Mamajuana has been part of Dominican culture for centuries. The Dominicanos swear by this liqueur, which is very popular both as a welcome drink and as a digestif.

The original recipe
The Taino Indians discovered the mixture of herbs that is necessary for its production. Soon after they came upon the leaves, woods and other herbs that provided the perfect combination. However as the brew became rather bitter when the herbs and woods dissolved in the rum, honey began to be used as a sweetener. Thus the original recipe of Mamajuana came into being. The composition of the ingredients was handed down from the Taino Indians and the essential components are unchanged. Today Mama-juana is an exquisite blend of rum, honey and a Caribbean herb mixture consisting of woods, leaves, roots and spices.