Veuve Alice Margot 75cl / 12% Vol.

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Enjoy a delightful surprise!
VVE ALICE MARGOT Champagne stands out through its fine-pearly and balanced wines and its marvellous light gold colour. VVE ALICE MARGOT is produced according to the centuries-old tradition of the "Champenois": During the assemblage, wines from the grape varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier are married together. Then follows the second fermentation in the cool cellars, during which the flavours of the different wines merge together to form unique cuvÈes. VVE ALICE MARGOT comes from the house of Jacquart & Associes Distribution, one of the most important companies in Champagne.


At the beginning very discreet. Reminiscent of citrus fruits with a touch of lilac and litchi. Fine and regular pearls.A champagne with spirit: lively, fresh and light.

Serving temperature
Cool, around 7 - 9 °C

To enjoy
Ideal as an aperitif, but can also be very well served with sea foods and fish dishes.

Top up a little Karibso White Peach with VVE ALICE MARGOT Champagne. Ideal as an aperitif and with a meal.